Warning signs you need to get your brakes checked.

It’s safe to say brakes on a car are one of the most important features, so it’s crucial that you know if they are starting to wear to failing to work so that you can check them immediately. There are certain warning signs that you will notice if your brakes start to become unresponsive, if you are aware of these you could avoid a potential accident and stay safer on the roads.

We have put together a list of the signs you need to look out for that will indicate if your brakes need checking, if you notice any of these when you are driving be sure to get in touch with a specialist like us who can undertake a thorough check and get you safely on the road again.


When you are applying the brakes do you notice a high pitch squeal or crunching sound? If yes, this could be an indicator that your brake pads have worn down and your disc brake is starting to be rubbed on by the metal frame that the pad was previously attached to. This will need to checked and replaced immediately; as if it is left it could result in damaging the disc which will be a lot more costly to repair!

Pulling to the left or right

If your brakes are damaged, you may find that when applied, the car veers to either the left or the right of the road. This doesn’t always mean the brakes are affected, as it can be related to the wheel alignment, but getting it checked straight away is a must. Your car swerving about the road is very unsafe, so if you notice it happening to your car, get in touch to avoid a nasty accident happening.


One of the more obvious signs that your brakes need checking are if they start to lose responsiveness. If you begin finding that when you are pressing on the pedal it needs to be pushed in further for a reaction you will need to have your brakes looked at. In relation to this, another sign you should look out for is if your pedal is too high or makes a hissing noise when pressed as this could be another sign of issues with your brakes.


If you feel a vibration or grabbing when you are applying your brakes this could be a sign your brakes need checking, as it can indicate your brake pads are worn down or that heat has made your brake discs warp in shape. If you are often towing or braking on roads that are full of hills you will cause friction which will build up heat, this can result in changing the shape of your brake discs and can also affect your stopping distance and safety.

If you notice any of these signs when you are driving it is highly recommended that you have them checked to ensure your safety or anyone else’s isn’t compromised. Here at Eden Tyres we have the specialist equipment and trained professionals ready and waiting to check if your brakes are working correctly, so don’t leave them another day. All our brake checks are completely free of charge.

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