What gets checked during your MOT?

During the first lockdown, the government put in place an MOT exemption for vehicles, but this is NOT the case in this national lockdown. Vehicles are still required to be MOT’d and we are open as normal to help and ensure all vehicles are safe to be on the roads. Make sure you check your vehicle’s MOT status to ensure that you are up to date and driving safely. 

So what do we check in an MOT test? We spent the day with our Burton MOT tester Cameron to see exactly what is inspected to ensure your vehicle meets the minimum safety standards for it to be safe on the roads.

What happens at my MOT?

Body or vehicle structure:

During your MOT, we have to ensure that your vehicle is free from excessive corrosion and damage in specific areas. If there is a tow bar fitted, then it is checked for security, condition, inappropriate repairs or modifications. Engine mountings are also checked, along with the condition of the speedometer.


For obvious safety reasons the front doors should be able to open from the inside and out. Rear doors need to open from the outside of the vehicle. Hinges and latches are checked for security and condition. This is so important and needs to be checked for dangerous situations such as in the event of an accident where you need to get out of your car quickly. If your doors aren’t able to open quickly then you could be putting yourself at even more risk.  


Fuel System   

Our MOT tester needs to ensure that there are no signs of leaks and that the security and condition of pipes and hoses are safe. They will also need to open the fuel cap for the test, so if there’s a separate key make sure it’s available.

Exhaust emissions       

The vehicle needs to meet the requirements for the emissions test, this will vary depending on the age and fuel type of vehicle. It is important that your vehicle does not exceed its emissions in order to reduce the amount of air pollution that is created by vehicles on the roads. High levels of air pollution will have a detrimental impact of the environment and contribute to global warming, which is something we all need to help with the reduction of. 


Exhaust system

This needs to be secure and complete. Free from serious leaks and not too noisy. If your exhaust is making loud noises or rattling, it could suggest that something is wrong and needs to be looked at. It could mean anything from there being a problem with your catalytic converter to something touching your exhaust pipe that shouldn’t be.  

Seat Belts                               

All seat belts fitted are checked for type, condition, operation and security. This is an important safety aspect that needs to be checked as it is vital that they work properly in case of an emergency; for example in the event of an accident the seat belt must be able to release you and your passengers quickly. They also need to work sufficiently to keep you secure whilst driving day to day.   


Checks are made to ensure that the driver’s seat can be adjusted and that all seats are secure and can be adjusted to the upright position. This is because your seats need to be able to securely stay upright as you are driving- you must be able to sit comfortably and safely whilst driving and if your seat cannot stay upright, it is a serious safety issue as you are unlikely to be able to see through the windscreen if your chair is reclining as you are driving. 


Your tyres will be checked for security, tyre size and type. Spare tyres are not inspected. Our testers will also check to make sure there are no cuts, bulges or tears in the tyre for maximum safety on the roads. This is done on both the inside and outside of the tyre.

Tread depth:

Our MOT testers will also check the tread depth of your vehicles’ tyres  to ensure they meet the minimum depth requirement of 1.6mm. If they do not meet these requirements, you will be required to have new tyres fitted. 

Our MOT testers will however give an advisory on your tyres if they are under 3mm, as although the legal limit is 1.6mm, that is the absolute bare minimum for your safety.

A car that has different brands of tyre will also still pass the MOT test as long as they all meet the tread depth requirements and this level of tread needs to be across ¾ of the tyre. 


Your MOT tester will also test your horn to ensure it is working well with the correct operation and that it is a suitable type. Your horn needs to be working properly in case of an emergency i.e if you see an accident about to happen, or feel that you are going to be involved in one yourself, your horn needs to be able to be used to draw attention to and hopefully, prevent or reduce the impact of an accident. 


The condition of the windscreen is checked to ensure that the drivers view of the road is safe and unobscured.

Wipers and washers 

Your windscreen wipers and washers are tested to ensure that they operate well to give the driver a clear view ahead. If your wipers and washers don’t work, it could result in your windscreen becoming obstructed with dirt and dust. This could make it very difficult to see clearly through the windscreen, potentially resulting in an accident if you cannot see where you are driving.


Your headlights will be checked for condition and that they work properly.  Operations including HID and LED headlamps for cleaning, self levelling and security are checked. The headlamp aim is checked along with the main beam warning light. Your lights are crucial to your safety and will need to be checked to help prevent possible accidents. This is so that other drivers can see you in the dark, as well as so you can see where you are going. If your headlights are not working fully, you could be putting yourself into danger without realising it.

A summary

All of our MOT technicians at Eden Tyres & Servicing are fully qualified ready to help you get up and on the roads safely. We are remaining open during Lockdown 3 to ensure all vehicles are MOT’s and you are as safe on the roads as possible. Remember, unlike the first Lockdown, there are NO MOT exemptions.

If you would like more information about your MOT, do not hesitate to give us a call or book online and we will be more than happy to help.

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