Winter tyres

The facts about Winter tyres

More grip in freezing conditions


Winter Tyres don’t harden at lower temperatures, giving better grip and the ability to stop in a shorter distance.

This is because their compound contains more natural rubber and advanced silica, reducing the hardening effect experienced on standard tyres in cold temperatures. It’s this difference in the compound that makes Winter Tyres so much safer in all conditions below 7C.

They also have what’s called ‘sipes’, which are tiny slits in the tread blocks. These are designed to actually ‘pick up’ snow which helps the tyre ‘stick’ to the snow on the road surface.  

Still not sure?  Here are some facts and figures that just might change your mind

You'll stop sooner in ice & snow

A car travelling at 20mph with Winter tyres fitted will stop around 11 meters sooner on an icy road than the same car fitted with standard summer tyres – that’s 3 car lengths!

Not only will you stop sooner with winter tyres, they will also improve the overall stability and steering of your car, essential to stay safe on the road this winter – especially when you consider that around 48% of winter accidents are caused by skidding.

The UK winter weather is not as unpredictable as we think

Did you know that for nearly half the winter, the UK has a ground frost which usually starts from around mid October.  On average, we get snow fall for at least 10 days each winter. However, in all road temperatures below 7C safety will be greatly improved by using winter tyres.

Although most winter tyres come with a lower speed rating than summer tyres, it will still normally exceed the UK speed limits so you won’t have to worry about driving more slowly with winter tyres.  In fact, if you do want to put your foot down, you have more grip and be much safer with winter tyres.

They don't always cost more

OK, fitting winter tyres is an investment – but what price can you put on the safety of you and your family on the road this winter?  Although you’ll have the initial cost of winter tyres, your summer tyres can be stored in our Tyre Hotel and their life will be preserved – pence per mile you’ll find the cost of fitting winter tyres is negligible – you might even find you save some money on your car insurance if they are fitted (we always advise informing your insurance company when you’ve fitted winter tyres)

They’re available for most cars

As winter tyres are becoming increasingly popular, they are being manufactured in more and more sizes and also in runflats for vehicles that require runflat technology.  We stock winter tyres in a variety of qualities and sizes, why not get a quote online today, you might be pleasantly surprised at the cost of fitting winter tyres to your car this year.