205 55R16 tyres

  • Width: 205 Profile: 55 Rim: 16
  • Speed ratings T,H,V,W,Y
  • All-season & run-flats available

Buy 205 55R16 tyres

205 55R16 is the most popular tyre size in the UK. We stock a wide range in this size, from affordable budget tyres and popular mid-range options right through to premium performance tyres. Fully fitted prices start from around £50 per tyre. This size is often found fitted to vehicles such as the VW Golf, Vauxhall Zafira and Mercedes A Class. We also supply Audi approved (AO) tyres in this size for the Audi A3.

A popular run-flat tyre size, we keep a range of BMW * rated tyres. If you’re looking for a less expensive run-flat tyre we can recommend mid-range and budget options which benefit from run-flat technology.

Browsing our tyres online, you’ll find information such as tyre specifications and the EU tyre ratings available for every tyre. Booking tyre fitting online is quick and easy. Simply input your registration number, select your local branch and then your chosen tyre. Payment is taken in the branch when your new tyres have been fitted.

All prices include a new valve, wheel balance, environmental tyre disposal and VAT.

Popular 205 55R16 tyres

205 55 16 Continental tyre

205 55R16 Continental Tyre

summer tyres icon

Continental PremiumContact6

Summer tyre

Michelin tyres logo
205 55R16 Michelin primacy 4 tyre

205 55R16 Michelin Tyre

summer tyres icon

Michelin Primacy 4

Summer tyre

Bridgestone tyres logo
205 55R16 Bridgestone weather control tyre

205 55R16 Bridgestone Tyre

all-season tyres symbol

Bridgestone A005
weather control

All-season tyre

Uniroyal tyres logo sm
205 55R16 Uniroyal tyre

205 55R16 Uniroyal Tyre

summer tyres icon

Uniroyal Rainsport5

Rain tyre

zeta tyres logo
205 55R16 Zeta Alventi tyre

205 55R16 mid-range tyre

summer tyres icon

Zeta Alventi

Summer tyre

Radar tyres logo
205 55R16 Radar RPX800 tyre

205 55R16 budget run-flat tyre

BMW runflat

Radar RPX800 runflat

Run on flat technology

205 55R16 Continental EcoContact6

205 55R16 run-flat tyre

BMW runflat

Continental EcoContact6 runflat

Premium run-flat tyre

Avon tyres logo
205 55R16 Avon ZV7

205 55R16 Avon ZV7

summer tyres icon

Mid-range summer tyre

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We’ve been supplying & fitting tyres for over 40 years and are now one of the largest, independent tyre retailers in the UK. This means we are able to offer a wide choice of tyres in all brands at competitive prices.

Tyre fitting can be booked online but you don’t have to pay a penny until your tyres have been fitted. With a pair of tyres typically taking around 30 minutes to fit you’ll be back on the road in no time.

All our technicians have the skills & experience to fit your tyres quickly & professionally. To ensure we offer a complete service we also provide wheel alignment, TPMS & alloy wheel straightening.

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Tips for choosing new tyres

summer tyres icon

A sun icon indicates the tyre is a summer tyre. In the UK these are considered to be standard tyres and are used throughout the year by the majority of motorists.

winter tyres symbol

A snowflake icon indicates the tyre is a specialist winter tyre designed to give more grip in temperatures under 7 degrees celsius. Winter tyres are designed to be safe in snow & ice.

all-season tyres symbol

An icon showing both a sun and snowflake together indicates an all-season tyre. These tyres can be used safely in any weather including moderate snow and ice.

Runflat tyres symbol

The icon RF indicates the tyre has run flat technology common in BMW and Mini vehicles. Other terms include ROF “Run On Flat” and SSR “Self-supporting run-flat”.

Extra Load tyres symbol

XL indicates the tyre is suitable for vehicles which need an Extra Load tyre although can be fitted to all vehicles. Refer to your handbook for tyre load requirements.